Ceremonies and Rites of Passage

Some cultures and traditions celebrate rites of passage ceremonially more than is usual in this country today, but there is a growing trend to mark these transitions with a bespoke ceremony to celebrate or mark the day – whether this is a wedding, vow renewal, birth of a baby, adoption, funeral, or other special occasions that you wish to celebrate or remember.

I will be pleased to craft a ceremony to suit your special day.

The list below may give you some ideas but I am very happy to discuss other occasions that you might want to celebrate:

  • Weddings / handfastings
  • Renewal of vows / anniversaries
  • Baby naming / becoming parents
  • Adoption / new step-family or “family joining”
  • House blessing
  • Graduation
  • Retirement
  • Leaving home / emigration
  • Divorce
  • Funeral / memorials
  • Loss of companion animals

Wedding Legalities

For a marriage to be recognised in law in England and Wales, a legally binding “registration of marriage” must take place at a licensed venue in the presence of a Registrar. This is similar to registering a birth or death and can be very basic and does not need to involve vows or ring exchanges.

You then have complete freedom to choose when and how you want a ceremony to celebrate your marriage which can include music, readings, vows, ring exchange and so much more!